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Your Top Tech Essentials to Bring on Every Holiday

Going on holiday provides you with much-needed rest, relaxation, and possibly adventure. Whilst some people like to switch off from technology, many others like to stay connected when away from home. If you’re the latter, read on to discover your top tech essentials to bring on your next holiday.

A Smart Phone

This is the most essential travel item! It offers a wide range of applications, including keeping you in touch with family and/or your travelling companions, and planning day to day activities.. Bookings, directions, restaurant recommendations, and accommodation can all be accessed with a single tap.

A Portable Power Bank

This is a holiday necessity if you're travelling off grid, hiking or on the go. Some portable chargers are as small as thumb drives, while others have enough ports to charge the electronics of a whole family. They're ideal if you're camping, sleeping in your swag, or travelling for long periods with few power outlets available.

An iPad or Tablet

A tablet, like a smartphone, is an adaptable essential holiday item. It can be used as a laptop, MP3 player, or e-reader. It is lighter and more portable than a laptop. This is particularly useful if you need to catch up on some work while travelling.

A Lightweight Laptop

A slim and lightweight laptop is essential for travelling whether for business or pleasure. You could be on a working holiday, simply want a blogging platform, or larger screen to work on spreadsheets or watch movies, Youtube etc. You can work and play from anywhere with these portable devices.

A Noise-Cancelling Headset

When going on holiday, make sure you pack noise-cancelling headset/headphones or earbuds. They’re a great investment and a good set will filter out engine (or neighbour) noise whether you are flying to Sydney, Perth or New York, or travelling by bus from Vietnam to Cambodia. Filter the extraneous noise and focus on you. You have earned the right to relax!

Charge & sync cables

There’s no point bringing good technology on your next holiday if you can’t charge it. Grab a small zip bag and pack a charge cable for all your devices to keep you powered on the go. To help travel light and reduce the amount of cables needed, check if a 3in1 charge cord will suffice for multiple items. Maybe a 3in1 charge pod (iphone, iwatch, airpods) is all you need. Buy a wall adapter with two ports so you can charge two devices at once. Make a checklist before you leave so your family Facetime call doesn’t run out of juice.

A Portable Speaker

Small, portable yet loud speakers are perfect for outdoor travel, or impromptu gatherings. They are great for camping, lying on a beach with your friends, outdoor picnics with friends and road trips.

Some speakers now also include wireless Qi phone chargers or USB charging. These multi function speakers will play your favourite music and charge your devices when plugged in.


To help your holiday be fun and stress-free make a tech checklist before you go. With the right tools to provide you and your loved ones with the best downtime, you’ll be glad you did.

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