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Essential Tech Accessories to Bring during Your Business Trip / Working Holiday

With the recent worldwide pandemic putting the brakes on local and international travel, it’s GREAT to see a return to business trips or working holidays away from home. To keep your next trip smooth sailing, make sure you’re tech ready for working on the go. Look no further than the suggested tech accessories below.

1. A Laptop Charger

Technology devices are great for keeping connected when travelling, but notorious for having the most power-draining batteries. For example, laptops require a lot more power than your average smartphone. You will want to keep your laptop running at all times while on the go. Always check you’ve packed it before and during your trip.

There is no need to worry about travelling with your laptop charger because they are relatively small and can easily be placed in your luggage.

2. An External Hard Drive

Another necessary item to bring while travelling is an external hard drive. These types of drives are necessary if you have valuable files that you need to save and access during your travels. These files can come in the form of photos, videos, and personal documents.

The great thing is that external hard drives are small. You can pack one alongside your laptop.

3. A Variety of Cables

Smartphones may be getting smaller, bigger, slimmer and smarter every time a new model comes out, but they are also getting more and more powerful. With all that power comes the need to charge your smartphone regularly. Therefore, it is important to have the right set of cables ready for when you need to charge your phone while on the go. Think about what you need when travelling.

  • Cable length: 1m is standard or do you need a 3m extra long charge cable?

  • Cable material: Do a quick “cable health” check before you leave. Does it need replacing? Don’t get stuck with an old cable that is damaged or worn out.

  • Pack less cords - Multi-port 3in1 charge cable are a great innovation and allow you to charge via different ports hence save space and tangles.

These small accessories make all the difference when out of office, and out and about.

4. A Small Battery Pack

You may have already heard about these handy battery packs. They have become extremely popular lately due to their ability to provide additional power for your smartphones and tablets when on the go and running low on power.

You should consider buying a small battery pack if you have a smartphone or tablet. It is important to note that some of these battery packs are magnetic for magsafe phones (no cable connection required), others simply require a plug in. They can also be used to charge other small devices like cameras.

Be prepared. Charge up your power bank so that you have a backup power supply at the ready for when you most need it. Power to you.

5. Headphones or Earbuds

If you need to focus on work without being distracted by your surroundings, consider travelling with your preferred headset. In today’s world, we rely heavily on our smartphones and tablets. To block out extraneous noise, and not annoy your next door travel buddy, pack your preferred audio set. There’s a large range of wireless audio noise cancelling (ANC) headphones and ANC earbuds on the market to suit all budgets.

6. An External Mouse

To mouse or not to mouse. It’s a personal preference! A lot of people tend to underestimate the usefulness of a mouse, but they are truly useful in various situations. For example, if you plan to work a lot on your laptop during your trip, you will be grateful to have an external mouse. This type of accessory is more ergonomic, and is more comfortable to use.

If you feel like your wrist gets sore, or your laptop’s touchpad is not responsive enough and you find yourself making a lot of mistakes, you should consider buying an external mouse.


It is important to carefully consider tech accessories for work travel, due to all the benefits they can provide. They can save you time and energy while making your work travel experience more productive.

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