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4 Benefits That Portable Bluetooth Speakers Have To Offer

Updated: Jun 28

Portable Bluetooth speakers have gained enormous popularity in the audio market over the past 10 years. With so many products in the marketplace it can be difficult to choose a portable Bluetooth speaker that best suits your needs and budget. Key features of portable Bluetooth speakers include:

1. Conveniently Portable

The most obvious benefit of portable Bluetooth speakers is the fact that you can take them just about anywhere. They come in a range of shapes, weights and sizes and are great for taking your music with you when travelling, camping, gaming, going to the beach or when gathering with friends. Most are lightweight and easy to pack. There’s a whole range of portable speakers on the market to suit your specific needs.

2. Wireless Connectivity

Another obvious advantage of portable Bluetooth speakers is the fact that they offer wireless connectivity. Easily stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled device (e.g. smartphone, laptop etc) to the speaker With no physical wire between you and the speaker, you can bring your music with you wherever you go - whether at home or on the go! Of note, know that most speakers offer a standard wireless connection range of approximately ten-metres.

3. Sound Quality

Another main feature to consider when buying portable Bluetooth speakers is sound quality. There are a number of factors that determine great sound output. Make sure you check the wattage output of the speaker before buying. You may only need a low watt output. However if you like your music loud, the higher the wattage, the louder the sound output. If you want your music pumping, check your speaker’s bass and sound distortion too. Many portable speakers also offer pairing mode (check the speaker specifications). Simply purchase 2 of the same speakers and pair together to get double the sound.

4. Ease of use - Easy To Set up, Easy to Play, Easy to Charge

Useability is a major consideration of your portable Bluetooth purchase. User interface and controls make a big difference to user experience. The user manual should clearly describe how to quickly connect your speaker via Bluetooth wireless technology. Controls should be easy to understand and operate. For instance, do you prefer large controls or are smaller buttons your preference?

Before purchasing your new portable Bluetooth speaker check the unit’s battery life. The speaker packaging or specification list should display the play time and charge time. They will vary between speakers depending on size, wattage, battery power etc. Portable Bluetooth speakers are easy to charge. Modern portable Bluetooth speakers include an in-built rechargeable lithium battery that is charged via a USB charge cable. Simply plug the cable from your speaker into your computer, wall adapter or any other charging device you may have to

fully charge.


If you are looking for a great speaker that offers portability, wireless connectivity, incredible sound quality, and is easy to charge, then a portable wireless speaker may be just what you're looking for! There are a ton of audio options out there so make a list of your needs in order of importance. Also consider design, waterproof rating, durability and budget. That way, you can find the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker that offers value for money, meets your budget and expectations, allowing you to enjoy your favourite music wherever you go.

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