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Some Electrical Gadgets to Bring On Your Australian Road Trip

Are you ready for the best road trip of your life across Australia? First, check that you have everything you need to prepare for an amazing and safe trip!

There are some on-the-road tech essentials/gadgets you'll want on your next Australian road trip. For budget friendly travel here are some electrical gadgets to keep in mind.

1. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Music is an important part of the Australian road trip experience. You'll be driving around ALOT, so make sure you have a Bluetooth portable speaker. You can listen to music, latest news or podcasts whether you're on the road, camp side or in the local motel/hotel.

TIP: If your car does not have built-in Bluetooth functionality, and you want to save your speaker battery charge, consider also purchasing an FM transmitter plug. Simply plug it into the “Cigarette lighter” /Accessory power output port in your car to stream your favourite music from your smartphone to your radio speaker.

2. Headphones/earbuds

Always consider packing a good pair of comfortable headphones or earbuds. Like wearing in a good pair of shoes, give them a trial run before you go to make sure you have the best comfort fit, and will meet all your travel needs from exercising to relaxed listening camp side.

TIP: If you’re travelling super light, consider earbuds. Small, portable and lightweight they pack easily into your daypack so that they are available when you need them.

3. USB Car Charger for smartphone/device charging

This is one of the most useful gadgets for your Australian road trip. You'll need to charge your phone, your portable speaker, or any other gadget you bring along on your road trip. Whether you are taking that perfect photo, or need to make an emergency call, don’t get caught out with no charge when you most need it.

Simply plug your USB car charger into your car’s accessory output port, then plug your charging cables into it, and connect your device. It'll give you a lot more flexibility for charging your devices, whether you're using a smartphone or charger for your camera or your portable speaker.

TIP: Buy a car charger with two charge ports so you can charge two devices at once. Some adapters have two different ports, USB-A and USB-C for example, so offer more flexibility charging different devices. Check your devices before you leave to see which adapter charge ports you most need.

4. Car Charger Vent Mount

This one is really helpful for travellers who like to mount their phones for audible navigation or taking hands free calls*. The car charger mount conveniently attaches to windshield, cup holder or dashboard air vent to hold your smartphone. Plug your power lead from your phone to the car’s accessory power output port. When jumping in/out of the car simply attach your phone to the mount for continual charge when driving.

*TIP: There are strict rules for use of mobile phone technology in cars. For safe driving, ALWAYS check state/Australian Road Safety Rules for safe and legal use of mobile phone technology in cars.

If you have a magsafe smartphone, purchase a magsafe mount. Your smartphone firmly attaches wirelessly via the magnet. Connect the magsafe mount to your car’s accessory power output port for continuous charge on the go.


Hopefully, this list of travel gadgets will help you feel more prepared and ready to go on your next Australian road trip! Whether you’re in the city, coastal highways, or way outback on the oodnadatta track, you'll be so grateful you have them after a long day of driving and exploring.

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