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4 Simple Steps to Creating a Cosy Home Theatre Experience

Watching a movie or sports game on a big screen provides an enhanced experience compared to your TV or smart device. With just a little effort, you can recreate the cinema experience sensation in the comfort of your own home. Simply BYO family, friends and projector.

Projector setup, as well as seating arrangements and snack choice will set the ambience of your home cinema experience. Follow these simple steps for the best home cinema you've always wanted.

1) Buy a Projector

A projector allows you to project images from your media device (eg smartphone) onto a big screen. There are a vast range of projectors with a range of specifications in the market to meet every budget. When you are researching your next projector purchase, consider your viewing needs and your budget and you’re on your way.

Some areas for consideration in your purchase may include:


  • Connection - all projectors need to be plugged into a power source however connection to your media device can be via HDMI cable, Chromecast, wireless connection or include built in android apps for streaming. Consider if you need a basic, wireless or android projector. Price will vary considerably depending on tech specifications.

  • Image quality - The three important factors affecting image quality include Native resolution, brightness, and projector contrast ratio. Projector brightness is measured in ANSI Lumen. Dedicated home theatres (no ambient light) will not require as much brightness as a space with daylight/light from windows. Generally, the higher the lumen, the better the picture brightness. Consider the environment variables you want to project in. Will you use your projector in a dark room at night time, or during day time in a lighter room?

  • Installation - mounted on wall/ceiling, or table top.

  • Speaker sound - all projectors will have an in built speaker however wattage will vary. If you want louder sound check you can plug in or connect external speakers for that surround sound movie experience.

2) Set Up in a Comfortable Space

While it is not essential to have a big screen, the more screen space you have, the better the viewing experience will be. You can set up your home theatre to project onto a blank wall or alternatively consider buying an anti-light screen. Set it up in the most comfortable area for you to have enough room to connect to mains power, allow comfortable seating, a table to optimally place the projector, and ability to control ambient light entering the room.

3) Calibrate the Image Clarity

Once the image has projected onto your wall or screen, use the projector parameters to achieve the best quality picture to suit your environment or room. Ie Use keystone correction to alter the picture angle on the wall. Move the projector closer/further away from the projected image to alter screen size. Adjust image focus, picture settings and colour temperature if required. For best viewing experience, it’s well worth the time to set up ideal parameters to achieve optimum viewing.

4) Set Up Your Event

  • Organise a Cosy Movie Night

To watch movies in a setting that feels more authentic, set up your projector in the cosy confines of the darkest room in your home. Allow a comfortable distance between each seat. Decorate your area with cushions, beanbags, blankets or pillows. Chromecast your favourite films, or connect a device via a HDMI cable.

  • Stream Australian and worldwide sport

If you’re a sports diehard fanatic, you may want to view some of our Australian or worldwide sporting events on the big screen at home. Stream the AFL, NRL, Soccer, Netball, Basketball or Tour de France (and so many more choices) on your projector. Invite your fellow fans and enjoy all the big sporting events together.

  • Big Picture Gaming

When gaming, you can enjoy a bigger screen if you have a projector. By setting it up in a suitable gaming space, you will be able to get more screen real estate to play video games. Simply connect your device with a HDMI cable and experience big picture play of your favourite games.

  • Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Go down memory lane and check out archived videos and photos of your family members. Revisit your travel photos and holiday events, and gatherings by simply inserting a flash drive/USB with all your files into the projector's USB port. Reminisce with family and friends.


A projector is key to creating a bespoke home cinema experience. With just a few simple steps, creative ideas, and the right tech, you can enjoy your time with friends, and family. Our final tip, BYO popcorn.

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