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5 Steps to Create the Best Holiday Home Movie Night

Updated: Jul 25

Movie nights are perfect for families of all ages. Clear the calendar, make time to unwind, relax and enjoy each other's company. To make the best movie night, especially during school holidays and long weekends, here are some steps you can take.

1. Choose the Movies Ahead of Time

When planning to have a movie night with your family, you need to choose the movies ahead of time. This can be the hardest part! We suggest creating a shortlist to help narrow down your selection. Choose a genre or theme - comedy, adventure, drama, classic. Either nominate a family member to choose their top 3 and take a family vote, or if no consensus we suggest each family member nominates a movie then a good old fashioned pick from the hat!

2. Decorate Your Home Movie Viewing Set-up

There are many ways to decorate your movie night, but the most important decoration is the movie night set-up. You can use a projector, a large TV or a projector screen if you have enough space.

Your goal is to create an atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the movie night with your loved ones. Drag out the beanbags, your favourite blankets or doonas, and don't forget to make space for the snack table.

3. Cook Your Dinner Based on Your Movie of Choice

Perhaps the best parts of a movie night are the food and drinks. Get the family involved and create a special movie night meal. Lighten the load. Nominate a family member to be in charge of entree, main, or dessert. If it's "takeaway night", don't forget the popcorn and sweety treats! We like creating a special dessert box for each family member to enjoy during the movie. Or maybe the classic Choc Top is all that is needed.

4. Dress Up (or not) in Cosy Pyjamas

Come as you please. Whether it's your favourite pyjamas, twinset, jeans and tee or your favourite blanket or oody, it's your choice. But If you're up for a movie marathon, we always choose our favourite Pj's so we can fall into bed with minimal effort.

5. Have Snacks Ready

We say it again. No movie is complete without snacks. No matter the time of your movie night, ALWAYS have treats ready. The easiest snacks to prepare are popcorn, lollies and drinks. You can create an awesome atmosphere for your home movie night with the right snacks. You can easily pickup up striped popcorn boxes at your local shops, or make your own DIY conical cups from recycled paper.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to enjoy your special home movie night. You can choose your movie nights depending on your mood and the time of the year. However, you should always try to prepare for your movie night as much as possible. It will help you and your family have a relaxed time together and make it a regular bonding event.

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